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Eating Healthy On A Budget Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult. Last Night, While Helping One Of My Kids Rehearse Lines For An Upcoming Theater Production, I Kept My Hands Busy Preparing A Number Of 100 Calorie Snack Packs Out Of Various Fresh Healthy Ingredients . . .

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Cheesy Baked Cauliflower – This One Might Make A Believer Out Of The Rest Of The Family! Well, Not My Husband, But The Rest Of Us Liked It!

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Bacon-wrapped Turkey!! This Just Blew The Minds Of Me And My Roommate, We’re Sitting Here Freaking Out Trying To Figure Out How To Use Our Crockpot As An Oven…..

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Ok. I Love Chicken Salad Involving Grapes And Cashews. I Even Love Making Grilled Cheeses With Chicken Salad In The Middle. But This Chicken Salad I Can’t Stop Eating Out Of The Bowl. Yum!

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For Those Of You That Have Or Are Cutting Out Processed Food. 100 Days Of No Processed Foods – All The Meal Planning Is Done For You.

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Cinnamon Roll Pancakes – No Joke About Wiping Up The Sugar After Each Round. Also, Would Probably Cut The Sugar Down In The Cinnamon Glaze, Mine Was Kind Of Chunky And Hard To Squeeze Out Of The Packet.

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